Our main garden is located at

94 Clinton Street in Albany's South End

Our Newest Garden - The Park

Fourth Ave & South Pearl St Corner Lot

Here's a partial list of the plants in our garden


- Tomatoes - Cherry, Beefsteak and Heirloom

- Cucumbers

- Peppers - Red, Green and Hot

- Onions

- Broccoli

- Eggplant

- Zucchini

- Bok Choi

- Red Romaine Lettuce

Our first harvest:  June 23rd, 2019

Fresh Red Lettuce, Bok Choi and Herbs!


We set up a small stand with bunches fresh from the garden so our neighbors could enjoy!

A word about our Neighbors on Clinton Street...


"From the very first day we began building the gardens, the folks that live on and around Clinton Street have completely embraced us! They've adopted us into their daily lives and we too feel they are an important part of our daily lives."


                                                Mark Bogossian, Founder

Thank you to all of our neighbors for letting us become a part of your lives!

We encourage everyone to stop

by and visit our gardens!

It's worth the trip!


- Rosemary

- Thyme

- Parsley

- Basil

- Mint

- Oregano


- Blueberries

- Raspberries


- Hibiscus

- Lillies

- Black-Eye Susan

- Daisies

- Wildflowers

- Many, many more!

The Beginning - 94 Clinton St - April 2019


This Garden Belongs to the Neighborhood!


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