The Beginning

October 2018

A few years ago, I learned about the Albany County Land Bank ( and their mission.  I was always taken by the idea of owning a city lot in Albany and the Land Bank offered a point of entry to this idea.

Fast forward to October 2018... The state of the country was really dragging me down.  Not one to bury my head in the sand, I was very troubled by daily events and the direction our country was heading.  I decided that I needed a way to think positive and be a part of a solution; some kind of solution.

After reading far too many stories about people having trouble accessing fresh food, I began to wonder how I could combine this need with my desire to help improve people's lives.  So as a "gift" to myself on my 60th birthday, I created Albany City Farms!

Building the Org

December 2018

We created the non-profit, Albany City Farms, Inc. and registered as a 501(c)(3) so we could begin the process.  For anyone that's thinking about creating a non-profit:  be ready to read, learn and file a mountain of paperwork and forms!  Each filing brought us closer to our goals so it was all worthwhile.

By December, we were set up and ready to start promoting the organization and looking for support from the community.

The New Year

January 2019

We started telling people about Albany City Farms and the response has been overwhelming! So many positive comments and support from friends, family, colleagues and businesses make us realize this is good and the right thing to do!

We visited over 50 different sites to find a lot for our first garden.  Sunlight, access, neighborhood "receptiveness" are all factors in considering location.  We found 94 Clinton Street in Albany's South End to be a perfect spot!

We submitted an application to the Land Bank... now just waiting for approval!


March 2019

We just received approval from the Lank Bank on our proposal to purchase 94 Clinton Street in the South End of Albany!